New health care reform not to include abortion coverage

In a vote taken by the Democratic House on health care reform, abortion coverage was cast aside as a possibility for funding under the federal health program.

Democratic Rep. of Michigan Bart Stupak said in an interview on CSPAN that if the government health care plan will include coverage for abortion, he and around 40 other members will not vote for the entire health care bill.

This seems a little ironic, as passing a public health care option is a main concern for the Democrats. These supposed Democrats are willing to oppose the entire health reform if, god forbid, funds for abortion will be icluded in the bill’s provisions.

In 1976 the Hyde Amendment was passed by a 207-167 House vote. The amendment states that public funds allocated by Health and Human Services every year are forbidden to be used to pay for abortions.

Every year the Hyde Amendment must be re-authorized and it has been approved every year since 1976.

If abortions are not going to be covered under the federal option, then health insurance companies are probably not going to offer it as most citizens will have the federal option.

How can abortion be legal in this country, yet no federal funding is provided for low income women who need them? It isn’t a total condemnation, yet abortions continue to be unaccessible to poor women.

Let the woman make her own decision for her own body. If she needs the funding, then it should be there at her disposal under a public option.

    • Chris P.
    • November 16th, 2009

    Awesome on making this Sally, i’ll contribute a story or two sometime if you like. Yeah Rep. Stupak (D-MI) is a major Blue Dog dem heh. He is useless on cultural issues. Idk if you’ve heard of the C street House but he is also a member of that (it is essentialy a creppy christian cult house in Washington DC made up of religous senators and Congressmen). The Democratic party will never be a bastion of cultural liberalism as long as it’s held hostage by socially conservative Democrats who if they side with the republicans can defeat critical legislation.

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