Daniel Radcliffe caught smoking pot at party and other marijuana news

Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry Potter, was caught smoking weed at a party in North London recently. The story is all over tabloids with clever titles like “Harry Pothead, indeed.”

Apparently pictures were taken of him laughing his head off and people from the party say that he was running around the apartment yelling “I love weed” and letting a girl draw a beard on his face.

First of all, why is this news? Who cares if some actor smokes joints? Running around acting silly is far better than going out and getting wasted. The consequences of drinking are far more serious than smoking weed.

We need to move towards legalization in this country. An adult who chooses to smoke a plant that grows from the earth should be able to do so at her own discretion. Check out your area’s local NORML chapter (link at right) and let’s start getting involved.

In 2008, almost 900,000 arrests for the possession of marijuana were made. If smoking weed was at least brought down to a misdemeanor charge, or decriminalization as it’s known, we would decrease the number of people actually behind bars by half! At the end of 2007, there were 2.3 million people in jail. This means that half of the country’s prison population shouldn’t be in there! These people are not criminals, yet we are putting them among the ranks of murderers and rapists.
Just because it is a law doesn’t make it right.

In other good news, the first Americanized coffee house was opened on 4:20 on Friday afternoon in Portland Oregon. It is called The Cannabis Cafe and is open for medical marijuana cardholders to come and smoke with others in a cafe setting. All of the cafe’s marijuana is donated by local growers and is run by the Portland NORML chapter.

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