Will Florida ban on texting reduce number of crashes?

Gov. Charlie Crist has endorsed a ban on texting while driving in the state of Florida. 19 states as well as the District of Columbia already have bans on texting while driving for all drivers.

Dialing disaster
Texting while driving poses obvious risks, which any person should be able to admit. However, I’m not sure if actually banning the act will lower the number of texting related crashes.

It has been reported by Car & Driver magazine that a driver has a slower reaction rate while texting than while intoxicated.

This is rather shocking.

So yes, we need to do something about reducing the number of drivers who text, but what officer is going to be able to ticket a deranged texter?
Is the officer going to be able to see the person texting while in a patrol car? Any person with at least a little skill in being sneaky will know that there are so many ways to text while driving and not get caught.

Hopefully implementing a law in Florida that prohibits texting while driving will discourage people from doing so, thus I can see why this bill is being supported. However, many act like it is a solution and will eliminate cell phone related crashes altogether.

The real message here is that the masses need to be educated about the dangers of cell phone use while driving in addition to the ban. Simply prohibiting the act will not reduce related crashes by any signifcant number. Crist appears to be endorsing this bill because it makes him look good, not because he actually cares about the safety of drivers.

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