No curbside recycling for St. Petersburg, FL

Although surrounding cities like St. Petersburg Beach, Kenneth City and Pinellas Park all have curbside recycling available to its residents, St. Petersburg remains an “unincorporated area” and the only recycling the city offers are access to drop off locations or private recycling companies.

It is absurd that even small cities like Kenneth City and St. Petersburg Beach have curbside recycling and St. Petersburg, currently at 250,000 residents, does not. Mayor Rick Baker boasts on the St. Petersburg city website that:

“St. Petersburg is the first city in the state to receive the Green Building Coalition’s Green City designation, and has been recognized for energy conservation, recycling, water conservation, fuel efficiency, landscaping and preservation of open spaces, and other environmental programs.”

A “green city?” Really? How has St. Petersburg been commended for its recycling program when there isn’t one that is easily accessible? I wonder how many people in St. Petersburg actually bag up all of their recyclables and schlep them down to a recycling center. What about students who don’t have cars? Are we supposed to pedal to these recycling drop off centers (there are none in the downtown area) loaded down with heavy bags?

How is it that St. Petersburg, the largest city in Florida without curbside recycling, be named a green city?

Curbside recycling needs to be implemented in the city of St. Petersburg.

We cannot continue to throw glass, plastics and newspapers into the trash cans. By implementing a curbside recycling program, 250,000 residents will have access to recycling, which will significantly reduce the amount of trash taken to the landfill.
If, and only if curbside is implemented, can call ourselves a “green city.”

For anyone interested, there is a Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners meeting on Dec. 8th 2009 at 9:30 a.m. that will host a Solid Waste Collections and Curbside Recycling Discussion open for citizen comments. BBC Assembly Room, 5th floor, 315 Court St. Clearwater, FL

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  2. I agree! I live in East Gulfport and I DO have curbside recycling, but three block across 49th St. South, they don’t! It’s weird…

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