Tampa passes ordinance prohibiting discrimination of the transgendered

History has been made in the city of Tampa, Fl.

On Thursday many gathered at a city council meeting to speak for and against an ordiance that prohibits transgenedered people from being discriminated against when seeking housing accomodations, in the workplace and any other public setting.

According to the article in the St. Petersburg Times, some of the Tampa citizens that stood at the podium to speak brought Jesus into the mix. Donna Kuntz “read bible passages about God abandoning people who do “shameful things” and said sexual predators are probably celebrating.”

First of all, how is being transgender considered one of God’s “shameful things?” She then goes on to imply that transgendered people, of whom many were at the meeting, are sexual predators, putting these people at the ranks of pedophiles and other creepers.

Luckily Council member Mary Mulhern reigned in the debate by reminding the meeting’s attendees that “we’re not in church. This is your Tampa City Council and we’re legislators.. it has to do with liberty and justice for all.”

Although Tampa already has laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender, it is always assuring to see civil rights legislation passed.

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