Former NY Times journalist Jayson Blair gives speech on journalism ethics

Lexington, Va.

A couple of weeks ago Jayson Blair, former journalist for the NY Times who was caught fabricating and plagiarizing stories (the ol’ Stephen Glass type), was invited to give a speech on journalism ethics at Washington and Lee University in Virginia.
This is the clip of his speech:

I actually thought it was a pretty good speech. He shows remorse for what he did and had the courage to stand in front of all those people and give a speech about journalism ethics. He did not try and pin his failings on others.

In teaching journalism ethics we should always be aware of what NOT to do. This is imperative if we want to educate aspiring journalists (like myself) about crossing ethical lines. It is not always effective to teach people what they should do because, as Blair pointed out, “it is possible for good people to do bad things.”

What do you think, was this a quality speech? What do you think is an important aspect in teaching journalism ethics?

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