Fox News mistakenly broadcasts image of Palin parody book: “Going Rouge: An American Nightmare”

This is an update to a previous blog I wrote on Nov. 17 entitled, “Palin’s book fact checked to be full of inaccuracies”

During a Fox News broadcast in November, the anchor broke a story, beginning:

“Let’s continue our debate about Sarah Palin’s book and why the Associated Press felt it was necessary to assign eleven fact checkers to comb through her book”

Why did the news anchor show disbelief towards the fact checking, as if to say “damn the AP for doing their job?” Accuracy is a main tenant of solid, informative journalism. And isn’t fact checking a core characteristic of quality journalism being that it is a vechile by which we are able to accomplish accuracy?

Is this screw-up indicative of Fox News’ dedication to preserving the power and trust in the printed word?

I find it very ironic that the anchor spiels disbelief about the AP fact checking and then the very next moment, the wrong image pops up on the screen and instead of that hearty blue “Going Rogue” cover, a black version with “Going Rouge: An American Nightmare” is sitting there, stark naked in front of America. It is almost laughable, but then again it isn’t.

Not to say that all news organizations haven’t made mistakes, but this is pretty major.

Come on Fox News, do you press the little “proofread” button before you begin the broadcast? How about Spell Check?

Something reeks of yellow journalism.

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