Florida in need of high speed railway, some say will create new jobs

Photo courtesy of chinadaily.com


The debate over whether or not Florida should build a high speed rail system that would link major metropolitan cities in Florida like Tampa and Orlando, should be a no-brainer.

Not only will the building of this rail system create jobs, it will require many employees to maintain. Creating a high speed rail system in Florida would be an economic stimulus as well as a better way to keep traffic moving in Florida.

Ever been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the infamous I-4? A rail system would decrease traffic on the interstate which would allow for faster travel for road-trippers as well as decrease air pollution caused by the emissions from cars.

Business men and women would be allowed a faster and a more environmentally conscious way to travel between major cities in Florida, something that could prove to be a economic stimulus in the future as the railway becomes more efficient and can travel to more cities within the Sunshine State.

You think that most of the U.S. would have a high speed rail system by now, as we are definitely a country that likes to stay up to date with technological innovations. Why is it that most of Europe employs this faster means of travel but Florida has yet to get on the bandwagon?

What do you think, readers? Is a high speed railway something you’d like to see come to life in Florida?

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