New Jersey senate bill to legalize gay marriage passes 7-6 in Senate Judiciary Commitee

From NY Times: The crowd reacts as the committee vote was taken on a bill to legalize gay marriage. The bill cleared the committee, 7-6, and will be voted on in the Senate.

New Jersey

Today a New Jersey Senate bill proposing the legalization of gay marriage passed in a 7-6 Senate Judiciary Committee vote.

However, proponents of this bill say there is still much more ground to be covered before gay marriage is legal in New Jersey.

The bill will now pass on to a vote by the full Senate on Thursday, Dec 10. According to an article in the NY Times, the bill will have more trouble passing the full Senate vote.

…even supporters concede that they do not yet have the 21 votes needed to pass it. If it does pass, it will go to the Assembly, where passage is considered more likely.

…After the New York State Senate rejected a gay marriage bill last week, the front line in the national battle over same-sex marriage shifted to New Jersey. And the uncertain fate of the bill there, in one of the most liberal states, has cheered many conservatives.

What are your thoughts? Will the bill make it past the full Senate?

I wish the proponents of this bill luck and hope to see Florida with a bill to legalize gay marriage soon.

  1. Hi and thanks for the above. I too hope NJ is able to legalized what should have never been illegal…However: Recently, the New York State Senate rejected a bill “legalizing” the weddings of (same-sex) couples. These words come-to-mind: stupid, ignorant, illegal, Churches belonging to States and States belonging to Churches, Blur, backward + years + hate + stupidity and stupid. Is NYSS able to spell prejudice? And! The NYSS controls the legalization of Love? Absolutely, Not! “Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage goes together…”

    However, maybe…maybe next year, next year, next year and next year…And this notion: Some! Christian denominations require a minister’s signature just after “Does not and will never participate at the wedding of same-sex partners.” Small minds. Smaller purpose and prejudice And…In the land of; “thou shalt not”—then, “thou shall not legislate morality.”

    There ye be…ye-hah and stupid and blur and stupid and blur! And! Let me count the ways…

    May Respect and Understanding and Peace and Love…be with us all.

    Thanks again!

    Phil Edwards

  2. I agree…. Not recognizing gay marriage is ridiculous. We need to be a more open minded and accepting country. Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚

    -Sadie Synonymous

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