St. Petersburg police horse takes crap on sidewalk

Police horse lightens his load onto a downtown St. Petersburg sidewalk. Photo property of Sadie Hewitt

St. Petersburg, Fla.

If you’re a St. Petersburg local, then you’re no stranger to the new additions to the St. Petersburg Police force seen clopping around downtown.

The two new additions are Police horses Brooklyn and Jacob donated from the Boston Police Dept. and were formally inducted into the St. Petersburg Police Dept. on Sept 15, 2009.

The horses and the two officers that are assigned to them are part of St. Petersburg’s Mounted Unit. The Mounted Unit acts as crowd control for downtown events.

While eating at Burrito Boarder on 3rd Street recently I spotted the Mounted Unit galloping across 3rd Street and onto the sidewalk next to Burrito Boarder. As soon as the horses made it to the sidewalk, one proceeded to drop a large pile, forcing the officer to stoop down and scoop up the horse droppings.

I was fortunate to have my camera on me and shot a quick photo.

Ah, the things you see in downtown St. Petersburg.

    • lovebug25
    • December 9th, 2009

    eww. thats gross

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