53 percent of Americans support legalization of marijuana, according to poll


Breaking News: A poll conducted by Angus Reid Global Monitor shows that 53 percent of respondants think marijuana should be legalized. The Marijuana Policy Project blog is an excellent resource to check out on this topic.

This study found many interesting points. View the full study here.

– 53% support legalizing marijuana
– 68% believe the “War on Drugs” has
been a failure
– 70% believe that America has a serious
drug abuse problem which affects the
entire country


It is important to note that Democrats, Republicans and Independents all share the same level of concern
about drug abuse, and the failure of the “War on Drugs”. However, a proposal to legalize marijuana would
hold the support of a majority of Democrats (61%) and Independents (55%), but a smaller proportion of
GOP voters (43%).

The survey shows that, while the preoccupation with drug abuse in America is widespread, the level of
satisfaction with the “War on Drugs” is minuscule.

The survey shows that 61 percent of Democrats approve legalization as well as 55 percent Independents and 43 percent Republicans. These findings may prove to be crucial as the United States moves towards decriminalization and possibly legalization.

Ahoy, readers! What do you think, does a 43 percent GOP approval surprise you? What kinds of effects will this survey have?

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