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USF football coach Jim Leavitt fired for striking a player

On Nov. 21 during the halftime of the USF v. University of Louisville football game, USF coach Jim Leavitt slapped and choked player Joel Miller out of frustration.

USF officials reviewed the case and determined Leavitt guilty of all accusations. He was fired Friday morning. Leavitt was the only football coach in USF history, and the school is searching for a replacement immediately.

From the St. Petersburg Times:

The University of South Florida made the difficult but correct decision Friday to fire Jim Leavitt, the only head football coach the school has ever known. A university review concluded Leavitt choked and slapped a player, lied about it and interfered with the investigation. Such behavior cannot be tolerated, even from the coach who built the program from nothing to national prominence.

…Investigators appointed by the university interviewed 29 people about a confrontation at halftime during the Nov. 21 game between USF and the University of Louisville. Investigators said a frustrated Leavitt walked into the locker room, grabbed the throat of fullback Joel Miller and slapped him twice. Investigators said Leavitt’s denials were inconsistent and unconvincing. And they said he interfered after the fact by having contact with witnesses to the investigation. The findings were given to USF president Judy Genshaft and athletic director Doug Woolard on Wednesday; the university fired Leavitt Friday morning.

What do you think, Tampa Bay? Was USF president Judy Genshaft justified in firing Leavitt?


Pulitzer Center announces Project: Report 2 for aspiring journalists

The Pulitzer Center, in partnership with YouTube and made possible by Sony and Intel, announces Project: Report for a second time.

The contest, which requires amateur journalists to submit a video of less than four minutes that addresses a local issue with a global impact, starts February 1 and all videos must be submitted by February 28.

There will be five winners in total, each receiving $10,000 in prize money that will allow them to travel to report on a global story.

I encourage all student journalists to participate in this contest. You have the chance to tell a story, take this opportunity with great responsibility and courage.

traveling abroad


I have just returned from my travels in the Netherlands. I will return to posting breaking news as soon as I unwind and upload all of my pictures from my trip.

-Sadie Synonymous