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Debate over posting a woman’s abortion info online in Oklahoma postponed


A law that would require personal information about a women who receives an abortion in the state of Oklahoma to be posted on the internet for public view, is a debate that was post-poned Friday until a further hearing to be held Feb. 19.

The law would allow private information to be posted online about a woman receiving an abortion collected from a 10 page survey required to be filled out by each patient.


The law requires doctors to fill out a 10-page questionnaire for every abortion performed, including asking the woman about her age, marital status, race and years of education.

One section of the “Individual Abortion Form” says the woman must state her reason for seeking an abortion and answer this checklist. “Having a baby:

• Would dramatically change the life of the mother;
• Would interfere with the education of the mother;
• Would interfere with the job/employment/career of the mother.”
A Democratic former state legislator calls the law “abusive and invasive.”

“Nosy neighbors with some effort could identify or, even worse, misidentify these women who answer these questions,” says former state Rep. Wanda Jo Stapleton, one of two Oklahoma residents on whose behalf the Center for Reproductive Rights brought the lawsuit against the measure.

Lamb, who is running for lieutenant governor, rejects that notion. How can it violate women’s privacy, Lamb says, if their identity is kept confidential?

The measure specifies women’s identities will be protected. “Nothing in the Individual Abortion Form shall contain the name, address or information specifically identifying any patient,” it says.

“Nobody’s identity will be made known,” Lamb says.

It almost seems as if proponents of this law see the women who receive abortions as criminals and, like criminals, these women should give up their rights and have the details of their “wrong doings” plastered across the internet. This law would be a basic invasion of the right to privacy. When a patient gets cancer, their doctor isn’t required to post the patient’s information on the internet. Why the standard for abortion, which is simply another medical procedure?

Women in Oklahoma need to stand up against this motion to expose their lives at their most private. Information like this is not a public right.


Abortion doctor steps in for Dr. Tiller providing late-term abortions

Since Dr. George Tiller was killed in May 2009, Dr. LeRoy Carhart has taken Tiller’s place in providing late-term abortions.

Carhart was a colleague of Tiller’s and feels that since Tiller’s death, there is still a need for late-term abortions, and that someone has to step up to provide that service.

From the article in the NY Times:

Abortion-rights advocates say the need exists for late-term abortions, in cases of extraordinary genetic defects and other dire health circumstances, and some had worried that only a few physicians would be willing to provide such care after Dr. Tiller’s killing, an act prosecutors say was carried out by an abortion foe.

…Dr. Carhart, who has been performing abortions since the 1970s, is no stranger to the debate; he has been a litigant in two abortion-related cases decided by the United States Supreme Court over a particular method of abortion referred to by critics as “partial-birth abortion.” And immediately after Dr. Tiller’s killing, Dr. Carhart offered to continue operating his clinic, but the Tiller family decided to close it.

I think it is valuable that another doctor skilled in performing abortions has stepped up to take Dr. Tiller’s place. There is an obvious need for late-term abortions and there will always be circumstances in which there is a need. Unfortunately anti-abortion groups such as Operation Rescue will continue to harass abortion clinics and attempt to thwart Carhart’s effort to open a late term abortion clinic in Wichita, Kan.

“They have never targeted me more,” he said of abortion opponents. “But to me, the most dangerous response would be for me to stop what I am doing. The thought that killing Tiller might also succeed in closing another clinic — that’s my main reason for keeping open.”

What do you think, readers? Should Carhart move ahead with his plan to open a new clinic, or should he continue performing abortions in Omaha, Neb?

The abortion debate continues. Let’s hope there won’t be any more tragedies like the death of Dr. Tiller.

New health care reform not to include abortion coverage

In a vote taken by the Democratic House on health care reform, abortion coverage was cast aside as a possibility for funding under the federal health program.

Democratic Rep. of Michigan Bart Stupak said in an interview on CSPAN that if the government health care plan will include coverage for abortion, he and around 40 other members will not vote for the entire health care bill.

This seems a little ironic, as passing a public health care option is a main concern for the Democrats. These supposed Democrats are willing to oppose the entire health reform if, god forbid, funds for abortion will be icluded in the bill’s provisions.

In 1976 the Hyde Amendment was passed by a 207-167 House vote. The amendment states that public funds allocated by Health and Human Services every year are forbidden to be used to pay for abortions.

Every year the Hyde Amendment must be re-authorized and it has been approved every year since 1976.

If abortions are not going to be covered under the federal option, then health insurance companies are probably not going to offer it as most citizens will have the federal option.

How can abortion be legal in this country, yet no federal funding is provided for low income women who need them? It isn’t a total condemnation, yet abortions continue to be unaccessible to poor women.

Let the woman make her own decision for her own body. If she needs the funding, then it should be there at her disposal under a public option.